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Building Update – We Can Now See the Finish Line!

June 5 – The last details are being tended to as our new building nears completion.

All interior walls have been painted and base molding installed.  The insulation was blown into the attic last week, and the building feels very comfortable despite the hot temperatures we have been experiencing.

Joe Trentman completed the tile in the bathroom.   The plumbing will be completed this week, including the hot water heater, a mop sink in the mechanical room, fixtures in the bathroom, a wash sink and and hand sink in the Pantry.   Jim Peyton will complete the dropped ceilings in the offices and Clothing Sorting room this week.

Last week Custom Concrete polished the floors in the Pantry and Warehouse, and sealed all the control cuts in the concrete floor in the Pantry area, and will do the same in the Warehouse this week.  All electrical wiring is in and operational thanks to Mark Rosenberger.  Brent Sloderbeck installed the last of the three heating and AC units last week.

Joe Trentman stained the interior doors today and will hand them and put a coat of urethane on them tomorrow.  Clothing racks from the old pantry will be moved into the new building and painted this week and next.  A friend and former contractor will build a sorting table for the Clothing Sorting room.

Last Friday, Bruce Watson and Jerry Rosenberger, along with the help of some eighth graders from Northview Church, erected heavy duty steel racking in the warehouse.  We now have plenty of room to store everything in one place.

Next week we plan to being installing the carpet tiles in the reception and clothing areas, and the two offices. These were donated to Open Doors fron an office renovation in Greenwood.  Kurt Wanninger’s sharp eyes saved them from the dumpster – brand new leftovers.

Later this month we will begin disassembling the racks in the old Pantry and reinstalling them in the new Pantry.

We will need to get our inspections from the city, and receive our Certificate of Occupancy before we can move any of the food and other supplies stored in the old Panty and other various locations.

We are nearing the finish line!!


A special praise and thanks to everyone that made this a reality! This could not have been achieved without the generous support of our great community churches, businesses, organizations and individuals that support and help us to carry out the mission of Open Doors!  Stay tuned, to see and hear how the Lord continues to shine his light on the Open Doors Pantry,

To make donations, us the button below or send a check to P.O. Box 196, Westfield, IN, 46074.