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Volunteer Opportunities

Check out our current volunteer opportunities! Your help is greatly appreciated.


Open Doors Pantry

Volunteer Jobs and Tasks

Weekly Warehouse Helpers (Need Thursday & Saturday Helpers – Teams of Two)

Responsibility – Commit to one morning each week on days when the Pantry is open.


  • Check and record temperatures in all refrigerator and freezer units before the beginning of Pantry operations.
  • Receive food and clothing donations & provide receipts
  • Weigh incoming food donations & record weights
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the warehouse
  • Sort food donations by type and expiration date
  • Store incoming canned foods in racks and maintain organization in racks
  • Replenish canned foods into the Pantry storage racks as needed
  • Assist the Pantry Coordinator as time allows
  • Other misc. activities as needed


Pantry Relationships Coordinator (Position needs to be filled)


  • Maintain Relationships with various Pantry Partners and Entities
    • Member Churches
    • Other Pantries
    • Schools
    • Gleaners Food Bank
    • Midwest Food Bank
    • Kroger Stores
    • Township Trustee
    • City Officials
    • Wheeler Mission
  • Periodic phone and/or personal contact


Kroger Food Pick Up

Driver and Helper (Drivers & Helpers needed)

Job Requirements:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Physically fit to lift at least 40 lbs.
  • Live in Washington Township or close by
  • Available to drive once a week


  • Pick up food donations at Kroger store
    • Frozen meat
    • Bakery
    • Produce
    • Deli
  • Unload and weigh food at Pantry
  • Put away food as required
  • Time commitment 1hr 30min (9:00 to 10:30am)

Driver and Helper Scheduler/Coordinator (Needed)


  • Keep calendar of Drivers and Helpers for both Kroger Stores
  • Ensure coverage for each pick up day


Weekend Backsacks Coordinator (During the School Year) (Position Filled)


  • Prepare bags with single serve meals and snacks
  • Purchase and maintain inventories of required items
  • Coordinate with delivery person for Friday deliveries
  • Develop and maintain relationships with Middle and Intermediate school personnel


Pantry Helper (Helpers Needed)


  • Process incoming food into storage racks, freezers, and refrigerators
  • Restock pick racks
  • Select frozen meat products from client customers
  • Other tasks as time allows


Pantry Order Pickers (Positions currently filled)


  • Receive client order from advocate
  • Fill client order from food in pick racks
  • Weigh client order
  • Help load order into client’s car
  • Other pantry tasks as time allows


Advocate (Positions currently filled)


  • Meet with clients
  • Determine food needs
  • Identify other social service needs
  • Prepare picking order for pantry
  • Confirm and update client information
  • Pray with client as desired


Clothes Sorter (Helpers Needed)


  • Check donation box and move items to sorting area
  • Sort Clothing by:
    • Season
    • Male and Female
    • Child and adult
    • Quality
  • Bag unacceptable clothes and place in Goodwill cart
  • Maintain quality appearance of clothing display area


Receptionist (Position currently filled)


  • Warmly greet clients
  • Coordinate sign-in process
    • Regular monthly visit
    • Front room visit only
  • Maintain front room shopping records
  • Other tasks as Advocate requires


Food Buyer (Position filled)


  • Purchase food items from approved sources using a shopping list prepared be the Pantry Coordinator
  • Weigh-in foods upon return
  • Help Pantry Coordinator put foods away