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FAQ Page

Client F.A.Q.

Do I need proof of residency?

Yes. Clients must bring two pieces of identification, and a current utility bill or a lease that includes their name and address. Clients must be residents of Washington Township, Hamilton County, or people outside this area who attend one of our member churches

What should I expect when I come to visit?

Clients are served in the order that they arrive at the pantry. They are greeted by an advocate who will verify eligibility, provide any referrals needed, and take them through a food selection process. Then, while their food order is being filled, they are free to browse the clothing and extras to see if there is anything they can use.

Will I get to choose what food I want?

Yes, although clients are not actually walking through the food area, they select what they would like to receive from a list of foods with several categories. Each client’s food order is specifically picked and packed for them.

How often may I come in for food assistance?

All clients are welcome to come in for food assistance once every 30 days. If 30 days has not passed, the client will be asked to return later.

How much food will I receive?

The amount of food you receive is based on the size of your household. We provide approximately a one week supply of food and usually are able to give extra food beyond that due to the generosity of our friends in the community.

What if I’m not religious? Will I have to pray to receive assistance?

Although Open Doors is an outreach of churches in the Westfield area, we welcome clients of all backgrounds and beliefs. It is never a requirement to participate in prayer or any other religious activity in order to benefit from our services. We do pray privately with clients when they request us to do so.

Do you provide financial assistance?

No – Open Doors does not every provide any financial assistance and, does not keep any money on the premises.

Do you report my information to the government?

No personal client information is ever shared with anyone outside of Open Doors. We do not receive any government funding and are, therefore, able to maintain our privacy.

Volunteer F.A.Q.

How can I help?

Volunteer opportunities are available in the pantry, as well as for special events and projects.

For more information:

Contact Ann Godby
Phone: 317-867-8670

You can also use our contact form and someone will get back to you. Contact Us

Do you provide documented proof of volunteer hours?

For individual volunteers requiring proof of completed volunteer hours, please review the following guidelines:
• Immediate verification/signature of completion will only be provided to volunteers who bring in their own documentation following their volunteer shift.
• For confidentiality reasons, verifications will only be released to the individual making the request and not to schools, community groups, or other service organizations.
• In order to ensure your hours are accurately counted, please sign in legibly on the volunteer sign-in sheets.

Other F.A.Q.

How does hunger affect people?

Although we do not see starvation in the United States, hunger and malnutrition are prominent and have significant consequences:
• Malnourished pregnant women are more likely to have stillborn or low birth-weight babies
• Inadequately nourished infants and children are apt to have learning problems and more illnesses
• Adults who are hungry are less energetic and productive, making it difficult to find and keep a job or care for children
• Malnourished elderly persons are less able to prevent illness and enjoy good health
For more information, see Hunger Facts, or download the complete 2010 Hunger Study from the Feeding America website.